May 19th, 2014

Page 20

May 14th, 2014

Greetings! Progress on Diaspora is slow, but the next phases are coming together nicely. I’ve finally made it to 20 pages! I have the rest written but still don’t know how many pages part 1 will work out to. Click the image below to jump to the new page, or click here to start from the beginning.

In other news, my other comic Midcourse was reviewed in this month’s Broken Pencil magazine! It’s my first press, and it’s good press! Read more at my blog, or just cut out the middle man and buy your copy of Midcourse here.

Page 16 and a new storefront.

January 31st, 2014

Friends and cosmonauts, there’s finally a new page posted! I’ve got a few more in the pipeline for the near future. I really wish I could do more of it more quickly, but it’s time consuming and I’m only one person, doing this entirely in my free time. Check out this preview of all the intense action:

Click the above image to jump to page 16, or click the banner on the right to start from the beginning.

I’ve also set up a new storefront on my main artist website. Now you can buy my print comics and zines. This includes my aforementioned first comic book Midcourse, and my recently-released What #3. CHECK EM OUT HERE.

And while you’re at it, go check out WHAT. I made a new logo and I like it.

MIDCOURSE available March 21

March 13th, 2013

I’m happy to announce the publication of my first actual comic book, Midcourse, completing the 10-page Part 1 first published in WHAT #2. You can view that first part of the story online HERE.

The 30-page anthology will be available for purchase for $10.00 starting March 21, where I’ll be selling copies at the opening reception for my undergrad thesis art exhibition at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery from 5-8PM. More info on that show HERE.

I’ll set up a page on here to order it, but in the mean time I’ll post my PayPal information on March 21 and you can send me your money :)

The bad news is that Diaspora is on hiatus for the time being while I focus on school work in my last term of university. There are other pages in the pipeline, but I have pressing deadlines elsewhere and can’t devote myself to personal projects like Diaspora for the time being.

The good news is that my school work is more comics! This past fall I published my second comics zine, WHAT Magazine #2, featuring a ten-page story called Midcourse. It’s a near-future sci-fi tale. I’m hard a work on the next installments, which I’m really excited about.

Once complete the whole thing will be released in print. Until then, I’m posting the first installment on the WHAT website for all to see!


Page 12 and Chris Hadfield

December 21st, 2012

There’s a new page posted, and thanks to my amazing web developer David, I have an RSS feed in place for you to follow the comic as it’s updated.

In real-life space exploration news, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield blasted off toward the International Space Station yesterday. When Hadfield arrives at the ISS, he will become the first Canadian to serve as commander of the station. He has previously flown two NASA space shuttle missions, becoming the first Canadian aboard the former Soviet space station Mir in 1995. In 2001 he installed and operated the ISS’s new Canadarm 2 robotic arm and became the first Canadian to walk in space.

Following his 1995 flight to Mir, the city of Sarnia, Ontario (his hometown) held a large reception for Chris Hadfield honouring his achievements in space and renamed the local airport in his honour. I was at that ceremony as a kid, and Hadfield spoke about his experiences of spaceflight and training and I was mezmerized. That day ended up being hugely influential and I’ve always considered Hadfield as one of my personal heroes.

I'm the one on the left, holding the newspaper and gloves.

I have more pictures of him at my tumblr of space images.

Page 10

November 23rd, 2012

Happy Friday! I’ve uploaded a new page.

Coast phase

November 15th, 2012

I’m behind on the lates update. I’m in the last couple weeks of my school term and things are getting intense. I’m nearly done colouring, and then I’ll be lettering as I begin drawing the next page. I’m designing characters and environments as I go, which takes a long time. I’ll keep you posted when the pages are ready. Thanks!

Specific Impulse

November 7th, 2012

Diaspora isn’t something I sat down and wrote. It coalesced over time from a number of different daydreams and ideas. Early influences were various Star Wars technical guides, which led me to start daydreaming my own sci-fi technology and universes. I also read Orson Scott Card’s guide to writing sci-fi and got to thinking about world building.

One great resource I stumbled across that helped me refine my vision for the technology you’ll see in the Diaspora time period is the website Atomic Rocket. I should add that my focus is on plot and character, and the technology is only in the background, but I still want things to make sense, and I want to avoid some of the fantasy of works like Star Trek and Star Wars. Near-future sci-fi is my pet interest, so that’s the work I’m making.

Atomic Rocket states that,  ”This site was mainly intended for science fiction authors who wanted a little scientific accuracy so they can write SF ‘the way God and Heinlein intended.’” The author provides all kinds of bacground explaining the physics of spaceflight and how to make your own calculations, plus a rich array of examples from sci-fi. I really enjoyed reading through it over time as I designed my universe.

I’ll post more resources and inspirations as I go on this blog. Happy hump day!

Status Report

November 7th, 2012

Hi folks! I’m a bit behind with my updates. I’m in school full-time, wok part-time and am generally behind on everything. The good news is that I haven’t been eating or sleeping and so progress is being made!

The next page is a bit intricate and just takes longer than some of the others, but I’m happy with it so far. Here’s a taste of what comes next:

I’m also scripting out the next sequences, getting people to help edit and will be drawing a lot in the coming weeks. I’m supposed to be doing different things for school, but this project is my baby and I’m a devoted mother. Rest assured I won’t stop daydreaming about space and comics. It’s my job.

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